Tull: Tell us about coup rumours

Date:  October 04, 2006
Brief:  Tull:  Tell us about coup rumours

A VETERAN PARLIAMENTARIAN wants Government to “open up the archives” and let the people know what happened during the Sydney Burnett-Alleyne’s attempted coup in 1976.

Speaking at the second annual Tom Adams Memorial Lecture at Sharon Primary in St Thomas recently, St George MP Louis Tull said it was time to let the people of Barbados know exactly what happened during the more turbulent events of the Adams administration.

“I am asking Government tonight to open up the archives to the people of Barbados so that they can see what happened.  I remember when there was a threat of armed mercenaries recruited in France who were on their way to Barbados to take over Government.  I don’t know why Government is taking so long to reveal this information,” he said.

Tull remembered the trials they faced shortly after taking over Government in 1976.

“No Government of this country was ever confronted with such great challenges as that 1976-1981 Government.  Before we could warm the seats in Cabinet, Cubana Airlines blew up,” he said.

Tull also mentioned how former Prime Minister of Dominica, Patrick John, was “parked out” in Barbados waiting until the takeover so he could become president of the “Commonwealth of Barbados and Dominica”.

The attorney-at-law said despite some rumours about the man, Adams was not a tyrant.  In fact, he said, he was very liberal.

“Adams was the only leader who could be overruled by his Parliament.  Can you imagine Owen Arthur or Erskine Sandiford being overruled by their parliaments?”

He also gave anecdotes of Adams pertaining to his stance on foreign policy, culture, home affairs and more.  He said current ideas like the expansion of the ABC Highway had their origins with Adams, and he informed the audience of Adams’ role in the forming of the Barbados Defence Force and Regional Security System.

“He was an astute parliamentarian, an excellent debater, a consummate team player and a regionalist.  I have never met any other world leader with the intellect and world view of Tom Adams.  His greatest achievement was to bring this country together,” he said.

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